2009 Fender Highway One Stratocaster

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2009 Fender Highway One Stratocaster

With gig bag

With EMG Retro Active Crossroads Pickups

With Callaham Bridge

EMG’s Retro Active technology moves to the single coil arena. The Crossroads Set produces Strat tones reminiscent of legendary players like Clapton, Beck and Hendrix. Each pickup is voiced with a different resonant frequency giving an amazing balance when combined in positions 2 or 4 and all the blues tone you’re used to in position 1, 3 and 5.

Players will enjoy all the benefits of active pickups with the dynamic response of vintage passives. Like our Retro Active Humbuckers you get vintage tone with no buzz or hum. Welcome to the classic Strat blues tone without the classic Strat noise.

Guitar has some minor wear and tear