Analogman Prince of Tone Overdrive Pedal

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1. Normal Overdrive mode (OD mode): This is the standard King Of Tone sound - a little less drive than a tube screamer, can get much louder than a tube screamer.

2. BOOST mode : This mode has less distortion, it can be used for clean boosts or clearer, louder sounds. It's sort of a cross between a true clean boost and an overdrive. BOOST mode is even less compressed and louder than the OD mode. I love this mode with high drive settings too!

3. DISTORTION mode : more drive than the OD mode- a touch of hard distortion. The sound is more compressed, yet retains the pedal’s character. Same volume as OD mode. At low DRIVE settings, or when playing softly, there is not much difference between the three modes, they all can get pretty clean and have the same level at low drive settings. The ability to clean up when playing softly is a very useful feature of this pedal. The Drive knob works like the HIGHER GAIN OPTION KOT, so you can set it anywhere and get great tones.