Ashdown Engineering AGM Pro-FX Vintage Fuzz

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Step into the time machine of tone with the Ashdown PRO-FX Vintage Fuzz pedal. This pedal is a sonic journey to the past, delivering the unmistakable boxy square wave sound that invokes the spirit of vintage music. Whether you're playing a Les Paul, known for its rich and meaty tones, or a Telecaster, celebrated for its twangy brilliance, the Vintage Fuzz will transport you to the golden age of rock 'n' roll, blues, and psychedelic music.
Designed with guitarists in mind, the Vintage Fuzz is as user-friendly as it is sonically captivating. It operates on a standard 9V DC C-pin (negative) power supply (not included), ensuring compatibility with your existing pedalboard setup. Its low power draw of just 30mA means it won't sap your pedalboard's energy, allowing you to focus on your music.