Baroni-Lab Baroni Lab Twin Preamp 2017

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The Baroni Lab Twin preamp is a homage to that classic American big, bright, singing clean sound with a healthy supply of shimmering highs and warm mids. The tone of the Twin Pre Amp is instantly recognizable.

Its 3-band EQ adjusts the volume of specifically chosen frequencies all the way from 0 Db to +6Db providing a really wide scope for shaping your tone. If it isn't already tempting enough we've provided a ‘normal’/‘bright’ mode toggle switch.

A great pedal for lush clean sounds or head cutting twang; if you’re in to jazz, soul,  blues or country, then look no further than the Baroni Lab Twin PreAmp pedal.

Controls: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Bright switch, Bypass footswitch

Power Supply: 12V DC Power Adapter Not Included

Dimensions: 98(W) x 40/30(H:Top/Bottom) x 125(D) mm