Cherub WST-640C+ Auto On Tuner

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  • No buttons! Simply flip the tuner up to turn it on and push it down for off.
  • 3 color backlit LCD display: yellow, flat; green, in tune; red, sharp.
  • Built-in piezo sensor for accurate tuning experience.
  • Auto power-off.


  • Tuning range: A0(27.5Hz) ~ C8(4186Hz)
  • Tuning mode: Chromatic
  • Tuning precision: ±1 cent
  • A4 range: 440Hz
  • Detection method: Clip
  • Tuning method: Auto
  • Power supply: 3V(CR2032) Lithium battery
  • Dimensions: 53mm(L) x 35mm(W) x 27mm(H)
  • Weight: 21g