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Cordoba C10/IN

With Cordoba Case 

The Cordoba C10 CD/IN Acoustic Nylon-String Classical Guitar is a high-quality instrument ideal for any guitarist desiring a rich, full-bodied sound. Featuring a solid Canadian cedar top and solid Indian rosewood back and sides, the C10 produces a balanced frequency response with crisp highs, warm mids and tight low end. The Spanish fan bracing provides ample projection and sustain. The Cordoba C10 is built for the dedicated classical player ready to advance to a concert-level guitar.

Solid Wood Construction Resonates with Beauty
The C10's all-solid wood build, from the resonant cedar top to the rosewood back and sides, gives this classical guitar a gorgeous appearance and tone that blossoms over time. The lightweight yet durable solid cedar top is a popular choice for nylon-string guitars thanks to its complex overtones and quick response. The rosewood back and sides provide depth, richness and a wide range of timbre. Together, these tonewoods achieve a sound that is both intimate and filling.

Traditional Spanish Heel Neck Joint Enhances Resonance
The C10 is constructed using a traditional Spanish heel neck joint where the neck is attached to the top before the sides are added. This allows the top, back and sides to vibrate freely as one unified piece, producing unmatched resonance and volume. The Spanish heel neck joint is a hallmark of fine classical guitar construction and a key reason the C10 provides such a robust, resonant tone.

Thoughtfully Designed Fan Bracing Improves Response
The C10 features a fan bracing pattern where braces in the center of the soundboard have a wider span, allowing more of the top to vibrate. This improved responsiveness makes the C10 louder and provides better tone. The wider brace spacing in the center also gives notes played in this area a warmer, richer quality.

Comfortable Playability
With its traditional Spanish heel neck joint, flat fingerboard and 48mm nut width, the C10 feels instantly familiar in the hands of a classical guitarist. The lightweight body rests comfortably against the player, while the slim mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard facilitate intricate fingerwork. Savarez Cristal Corum strings provide a warm yet articulate voice. An adjustable truss rod allows for precise neck relief tweaks, ensuring easy playability up and down the neck.

Timeless Aesthetic Details
Subtle yet striking, the C10's visual details highlight its artisanal quality. The intricate mother-of-pearl weave rosette recalls Spanish classical guitars from the early 20th century. Rosewood bindings grace the body, headstock and fingerboard, matching the rosewood bridge and heel cap. A high-gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish protects the resonant solid woods underneath while bringing out their natural beauty. Whether on stage, in studio or at home, the C10 is a guitar that begs to be played and displayed.