Donner Stylish Fuzz Pedal

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【Classic Fuzz Pedal】Based on the legendary fuzz effect, Fuzz Stylish Ⅱ can be described as a faithful recreation of the classical fuzz pedal. Our classic-inspired pedal with a dense and delicate sound carries you back to the old days.
【Versatile Functions】Donner’s fuzz pedal features an easy-to-use tone control:BASS, TREBLE, LEVEL and VOL knobs for different uses. These dedicated controls provide you a wide range of sound shaping for your desired effect.
【Dense and Delicate Sound】Donner’s exclusive electronic components and circuit provide more versatility for sound-shaping while still being able to deliver delicate response. Just relish a classical sound with plenty of expression at your gig.
【Easy to Use】Stylish Fuzz Ⅱ allows you to improve your playing without any complicated operation. The buttons and knobs are conveniently positioned, allowing you to easily adjust the sound while performing. Just plug in and start exploring your smooth and unrestricted music journey.
【True Bypass】The true bypass design delivers a transparent tone. During transmission, the signal remains fully intact, passing through the effects pedal with no popping, buzzing or electric noise, let alone the loss of strength and frequencies.