DR NLR5-40 SunBeams 40-120 5 String Set

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  • Nickel Plated Bass Strings wound on a Round Cores.
  • Gauges 40-60-80-100-120
  • This set intended for a 5-string bass guitar!
  • Individually boxed... new... never opened or used!
  • Sunbeams are another step forward on a continuing a path for players who constantly seek to upgrade their skills and tools to achieve musical satisfaction. Sunbeams are the next generation of nickel-plated bass strings as they are wound upon round cores. Sunbeams are a step forward for the traditional player, and the advanced exponent of fretless bass, both of whom want brightness and warmth. Sunbeams feature the easily recognizable feel and flexibility of DR round core construction, with nickel warmth, softness of feel, and increased response to magnetic pickups due to the sensitive magnetic content (compared to stainless steel) of the nickel plated wrap wire. Tony Franklin says “Sunbeams amaze me….I love them on my fretless. The way they feel, they're the perfect blend of bite and smoothness. The lows are fat, the harmonics sing, they are punchy and focused, and like all DR Strings they last!"