DSM & Humboldt Electronics Simplifier Zero Watt Stereo Guitar Amp

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SIMPLIFIER is ideal to any environment for directly adding full stereo routing! The multipurpose SIMPLIFIER is a zero watt stereo amplifier that integrates your pedalboard to a PA System, Amps, Audio Interfaces or anything you need. The SIMPLIFIER features 4 simultaneous outputs (2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4 bypass-able outs), stereo effects loop, headphones out and aux in.

Three Classic Preamps:
Simplifier features a 100% true analog preamp that recreates with obsessive detail the most useful and popular clean channel preamps in the marketAC BRIT: 

      Classic AC30 sparkly and tridimensional sound. A true British heritage since the 60's.

      Classic blackface deluxe sound. Sweet and dynamic with a balanced response. By far the most used amp on studio recordings

    Classic clean-to-crunch vintage plexi style amp. The sound that defined rock music.
Genuine Passive Preamp Tone Stacks:
A key part of a tube amp sound and response is the tone stack behavior. The tone stack on the Simplifier is a genuine configurable three band classic amplifier topology, keeping the same feel, response and interaction of the original amp.

Power Amp Sim:
This stage is an accurate approximation of the interaction between the power tubes, output transformer and global feedback, which produces a particular frequency response for different tubes and speakers.PRESENCE: 
      Controls the hi-mids response just like the feedback-based presence control on tube amps. Turn it up to cut through the mix or turn it down to sweeten aggressive distortions.

      Controls the low-end and resonance peak caused by transformer-speaker interaction in tube amps. Now you can control the dampening factor and get super tight low-end clarity and authority.
      3 way toggle switch that mimic the different response of classic tube types:
        EL34: Complex mid response with a compressed feel.
          6L6: A more open and dynamic response with deeper bass and sparkling highs.
          KT88: Similar to 6L6 but with improved low-end range, perfect for bass or 7+ strings guitars.