Fuchs ODS-100

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Fuchs ODS-100

Overdrive Supreme

This amp is originally from a very early run, circa 2000. Andy Fuchs himself did a complete update by installing all new circuit board, tubes, jack/knobs and almost everything to the latest brand-new SLX version in 2013, keeping its rare original great Mercury Magnetics transformer. All services have been done by Fuchs original factory. He also re-boxed the amp onto brand new black head box and brand-new reverb tank along with replacing new power Groove Tubes rated 3. So you can easily swap to new tubes with same or one up/down rated GT 6L6 without worrying bias adjustment in case it is necessary.

It's in excellent condition - only been played a handful of times, mostly sitting in the closet. It sounds beautiful, from from sparkling clean to amazingly smooth overdrive at any volume situation.

The front grille comes out on Velcro, and you can access the two front preamp tubes very easily.
Premium Transformers from its early model
Buffered FX Loop accepts any effects from pedals to rack-mount one
Studio Grade Spring Reverb
Comes with original 4way foot switch (Serviced and Checked by Fuchs 3 month ago) and the Studio Slips Custom Made Cover.