JOYO D Seed Dual Channel Digital Delay

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Four different types of delay effects of D-SEED:

  • COPY: Restores your instrument's original sounds without any polishment.
  • ANALOG: Provides you a warm delay tones like earlier BBD delay pedals and it enables delay time to 6 seconds by aiding with digital technology.
  • MODULATION: A delay tone with modulation, and it is characterized by broad and rich sense of space, especially when playing clean tones.
  • REVERSE: A very interesting effect and it reverses the delayed phase to create a very psychedelic trippy effect.


  • 17ms-1000ms delay time.
  • TAP-TEMPO function. Just press the "TAP-TEMPO" button freely to set the delay time you want.
  • If under "TAP-TEMPO" mode, the delay time is automatically extended to the maximum 6000ms.
  • With dual-channel design, the parameters of each channel can be set and saved independently.
  • The parameters are saved automatically.
  • 4 selectable delay modes: COPY, ANALOG, REVERSE, MODULATION.
  • Has an external trigger input, which allows external devices to switch the channel of D-SEED through this interface.


  • Maximum Current Consumption: 75mA @ DC 9V
  • Delay Effect Modes: 4 types
  • Maximum Delay Time: 5.94 seconds
  • Preset Tones: 2 Presets
  • Input Channels: Mono
  • Output Channels: Mono
  • Weight: 500g
  • Dimension: 102*50*105mm