Marshall MKII JTM45

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Model 2254

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Marshall JTM45 Tube Amplifier Head at a Glance: 

Vintage reissue

Part of Marshall's Vintage Series, the JTM45 amp head is an exact re-creation of the legendary amp from the '60s. Also known as the 2245, the JTM45 packs three ECC83 preamp tubes and a pair of 5881 power tubes for incredible tonal prowess. You also get the revered GZ34 tube rectifier, which is responsible for the JTM45's smooth, singing quality.

Low wattage for a vintage Marshall

The JTM45 only uses 30 watts of power to create its epic tones. That's pretty low power when you consider Marshall's other models at the time. But 30 watts is perfect for live use in small- to medium-sized venues, and it's ideal for recording. You can get the sound of a fully-pegged tube amp at a much more reasonable volume level, reducing mic bleed in your studio and your onstage volume when gigging out.

Marshall JTM45 Tube Amplifier Head Features:

  • Accurate reissue of the legendary JTM45 amplifier, a '60s rock legend
  • 30 watts of power, perfect for gigging and recording
  • GZ34 tube rectifier adds natural, smooth compression and sustain to your tone
  • Sounds great with gain boost pedal in front of it
  • Straightforward control set is all you need to craft a range of vintage '60s guitar tones