Matrix MR500 Metronome QUARTZ

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  • Easy to use dial for selecting the tempo- with Italian tempo markings (andante, moderato, etc.)
  • Flip out metal stand.
  • Range 40-208 beats per minute.
  • Size: 2 1/2w x 3 3/4h x 1 1/4"d.
  • Light and or click - clave tone. 
  • Standard A tuning pitch. 
  • Uses 9 volt battery - not included. 
  • Earphone included. 
  • One year warranty.

The Matrix MR500 metronome has good volume for a metronome of this price. The sound of the metronome is a loud click with a clave tone.  Turn the dial to easily select the tempo. A switch on the side of the metronome turns off the sound so that the light can be used as your tempo guide.