Purple Partscaster

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Purple Partscaster

Squier Affinity body & neck 

Seymour Duncan Pick-ups

SH-2N Jazz (neck)

SH-4B JB (bridge)

5-way switch positions:
1 = Bridge pickup, coils in series.
2= Bridge pickup, coils in parallel.
3 = Bridge+neck pickups, coils in series on each pickup,
the pickups are in parallel with each other.
4 = Neck pickup, coils in parallel.
5 = Neck pickup, coils in series.
The neck pickup is a Seymour Duncan
SH-2N Jazz, and the bridge pickup is a
Seymour Duncan SH-4B JB model.
The forward tone knob, closest to the neck,
is a standard master high-cut, and the
rear tone knob is a master low-cut.