Randall RG80

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Randall RG80

With footswitch 

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The RG80 is a classic Randall workhorse that’s been around for decades. This 80 watt, 2 channel high gain FET solid state combo amp comes with a 12″ RS12-80-8 speaker. The 2 channel RF1 footswitch is included.

Controls2 x Master Volume, Gain (1 per channel), Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Reverb
Wattage80 Watts
Impedance8 Ohm
Fx Gate ReverbSpring Reverb
Inputs1 x Standard Guitar Input, FX Return, Footswitch
Outputs1 x Standard Speaker Jack, 1 x XLR Speaker Emulator, FX Send, 1 x Headphone Jack