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The Roger Mayer Vision Wah Special is the second in the Vision Low Line series of foot controllers and provides auto switching between the two functions of Wah or Volume/Expression. It has been primarily developed for performance situations so that players can now change from wah and control their volume instantly they have finished using the wah function. The low profile and silky smooth action entices players to use both functions in new ways as awkward and stiff mechanical manipulations of a gear train and switch are removed in this new modern evolution of the established 40-year-old design. I have a long history of successfully creating wah electronics that have produced some of the most notable wah sounds ever recorded and I am happy to bring the "Band of Gypsys" wah tones plus a Volume/Expression pedal with variable range together in one modern ergonomically designed package. Players can now achieve a more natural way to express themselves as the connection between foot and mind become virtually transparent.