Satellite Amplifier Cuda

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45 watts with a pair of EL34s, two 12AX7s, 5AR4 switchable to solid state rectifier. Standby / Off / On, Volume, Tone, High & Low Inputs

Switchable 4, 8, or 16 ohm outputs

Limited Metal enclosure (Scamp Style) 

This amplifier was originally designed around KT66s, but can use EL34s with a simple bias adjustment internally. Due to the current tube supply issue, KT66s are unavailable. We cannot offer that currently as an option, but we will once again whenever the supply chain opens up.

NEWS - We are doing a short run of Satellite Cuda heads in the Scamp style Metal Enclosure. I have posted a few pictures to show the size difference and the enclosure. The amplifier will have a single input, with a single, switchable output. Everything else will be identical to the Cuda circuit, just no wooden head box or color choices.