Satellite Amps Eradicator Tube Guitar Preamp Pedal

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Brought back from days gone by, the Eradicator pedal has risen again! 9 years ago, I made a preamp guitar pedal for a friend. Every once in a while we would put out small batches of the original. Everything was hand cut, and hand wired, very labor intensive, but for a very enjoyable product. A few months back, we decided to revisit the original, and find a way to make it better, and more accessible.

A true Satellite tube guitar preamp in foot pedal form. Internally, there is a 12AX7 tube, cascading each gain stage into tubal goodness. The pedal operates on a 9v wall wart (minimum 500mA), but delivers close to 300 volts of DC for the plates of the tube, just like inside of our amplifiers.

All Eradicators come included with a wall wart power supply.

Controls are Gain, Tone and Output. Bottom plate is removable to swap tubes.

The all steel enclosure is made just for us, and is one of the most durable foot pedals we have ever seen. Powder coated for longer life. The switch portion is ramped for ease of switching.

Sonically, the gain goes from country cleans, to metal gain. The tone control is a high pass filter, giving similar variations as a tube guitar amplifier does. The output can be made to give a small boost, to a heavy hitting punch.