Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay

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The Vapor Trail provides an impressive range of delay times, from 15 to 600 milliseconds, and the mix control can boost wet delays up to 3dB louder than the source signal. It features true-bypass switching and operates on a standard nine-volt battery or with a center negative nine-to-18-volt power supply.

PERFORMANCE While many new analog delay pedals still have a slight amount of hiss in the background, the Vapor Trail is dead quiet. As a result, the delayed signals sound big, rich, and full while they retain the percussive attack and definition usually found only with digital delays. Dialing in a hint of slow modulation produces echo tones with luscious lushness that is always smooth and never turns into indecipherable mush.

The Vapor Trail’s warm but incredibly clean sound is its strongest attribute, but the insert jack comes in a close second. It expands the pedal’s creative potential well beyond that of the average delay effect, allowing guitarists to easily configure a wet-dry setup like many pros use or experiment with unusual processing.