Subdecay Spring Theory

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The Spring Theory sounds and feels like a real tube driven black face reverb. It reacts dynamically to the attack of every note you play. You can hear the springs chirp and resonate. Vintage wet surfy reverb sounds that are only found in amplifiers and stand alone spring reverb units… Until NOW!!!

Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned that other setting. Not only did we create a great authentic spring reverb pedal, but we also created a very special room reverb. The room setting simulates anything from a small space to a 10 mile wide cavern with ceramic tile on every surface.

The reverb knob sets the effect volume. The depth knob controls the reverb length. Set the depth knob near the middle for realistic lush sounds. Turn it to the right for unrealistic everlasting reverbs. The room setting is especially awesome for this for creating synth like pad sounds and thick, rich sonic landscapes.

The Spring Theory can be powered by AC adapter only. There is no battery option for this pedal.