TC Electronics Afterglow Chorus Pedal

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The TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus pedal conjures all the vintage-flavored chorus effects you need at a value-packed price. Equipped with an analog bucket brigade device circuit, the Afterglow Chorus delivers everything from subtle shimmers to deep, seasick-inducing modulations. Guitarists, bassists, and synth players love the bucket brigade’s natural band-limiting tendencies, which shape your tone with an undeniably vintage character. And with its metal chassis, this pedal is road ready. If you’re looking for true-analog chorus that’s easy on your bank account, you’ve found it in the TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus pedal.

TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus Pedal Features:

  • Analog chorus effects pedal
  • Controls for Rate, Depth, and Mix
  • True Bypass circuitry
  • Robust all-metal chassis
  • Requires 9V battery or 9V DC power supply (not included)