The Gig Rig G-2

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10 Passive True Bypass Matrix Effects Loops

10 Passive True Bypass Matrix effects loops including 2 stereo loops. You'll hear your effects like you've never heard them before. Your whole rig for that matter!

Delay spillover

Delay spillover between presets, even with your old analogue delays.

Pre Gain

Programmable Pre Gain on every preset which can buffer, attenuate or boost the input to your effects. Can be switched entirely out too.

Switchable Outputs

2 separate outputs. One is isolated and phase reversible so you'll have no earth hum or phase issues between your amps.

Zero Confusion

Select a preset switch, choose your effects, outputs, pre/post gain, additional control switching if you want… Done! No menus, no save button. What you see is what you get.

120 Presets

120 presets (8 banks of 15), each of which can be configured for Preset or Stomp Box mode. That means unparalleled flexibility and control.

Smart Connections

A movable insert point to connect your amp's FX loop, volume pedal – anything you like – and then place it anywhere in your signal path.

Post Gain

Programmable Post Gain giving complete control over the master volume output of each preset.

GigRig Designed Optical Footswitches

Milled from stainless steel, our own-design OptoKick footswitch uses light instead of mechanics to do the foot switching, so there's nothing to break. We believe these are the most reliable footswitches in the world

Full MIDI In and Out

Full MIDI in & out so G2 can control, or be controlled by, external MIDI devices.