Tony Franklin’s 2000 Fender Custom Shop Fretless P-Bass

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Tony Franklin's 2000 Fender Custom Shop P-Bass

With original hardhsell case 

This is Tony’s 2000 Custom Shop Precision Bass custom made to Tony’s specs by Todd Krause. This has not been touched since Tony played it. It comes with a detailed letter from Tony and photos of Tony with the bass off and on stage. Tony also signed the back of the headstock. It’s an amazing playing and sounding bass. We’ve been in business for nearly 30 years. Feel free to call or email. International please inquire about shipping. No returns

Here are the details and specs from Tony:

“The bass was made for me by the Fender Custom Shop in 2000, by Master Builder Todd Krause. Todd has built instruments for Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and Roger Waters, to name but a few. The bass is an exact replica of my “Firm” Fretless P Bass, except this has an ebony fingerboard, and is sunburst, not black. I’ve used it on many many gigs and sessions between 2000 and 2011. The fingerboard was resurfaced in 2011.”