Trinity OSD 22

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Trinity OSD 22 Watt

with footswitch 

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The Trinity Amps The Overdrive Special Design (OSD) was designed using similar principles as Howard Dumble in his ODS amplifiers but with less frills and lower power. His amps were used by used by Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Johnson, Carlos Santana, John Mayer, Robben Ford, Larry Carlton etc..

The OSD effectively has two foot-switched channels – Clean and Overdrive. The “spanky” clean preamp has a percussive nature is extremely inspirational. This preamp stays nice and clean and allows you to crank the power amp to achieve a highly percussive tone that taps into the compression and sustain of the power amp tubes.

The magic of the OSD comes from the Overdrive channel sound. The Overdrive channel provides a very smooth, sweet sustaining distorted tone. Activating the Overdrive circuit adds two additional gain stages and the result is an Overdrive that ranges from clean and harmonically rich to smooth and thick with ample saturation.

The amp uses using 6V6 output tubes in fixed bias mode. Since most on-stage set-ups are miked, 22 watts is both sufficient and surprisingly loud even for medium gigs, especially in this design. This lower wattage helps keep volume levels manageable and makes it very useful in a studio.
There is an option for 6L6 power tubes which produces about 38 watts into 8 ohms.

The preamp uses 3-12AX7 tubes for the Clean channel, Overdrive channel and the Phase Inverter. On the back of the amp there is a control to configure Overdrive Trim. The Overdrive channel and Pre-Amp Boost (PAB) are activated with a footswitch connected to the back of the amp. There is also a passive effects loop.