Victoria Sovereign Tube Head

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Controls are:

  • GAIN
  • BASS

There is also a tunable post tone stack effects loop with adjustable send and return controls. The adjustable send and return allows for the fine tuning of any effect inserted into the loop. With nothing plugged in, the loop may be used for additional gain boost and tone shaping. It may also be used as a power amp slave in or preamp out. Switchable impedance 4-8-16Ω.

The Sovereign is shipped with a pair of Mullard EL34 power tubes but it can be operated with 6L6 and KT66 as well. The bias is adjustable and is easily accessible inside the chassis.

Tube compliment: 1 X GZ34; 2 X EL34; 1 X 12AT7; 2 X 12AX7; 1 X EF86