Xvive Xv-01 Tube Squasher Overdrive

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Xvive Tube Squasher Overdrive pedal features FET-based overdrive circuitry, which allows it to realistically emulate the smooth overdrive characteristics of a good vacuum tube amp.

The playing dynamics are tube-like in tone and feel.

The Tube Squasher is a very powerful tone-shaping tool.

An internal supply voltage step-up allows more dynamic range and headroom with tight bass tones.

It is a low to medium gain overdrive unit - perfect for harmonica players who want to add a classic overdrive sound to their repertoire.

Controls • TONE – shapes colour of distorted signal • VOLUME – controls overall volume of effect • DRIVE – controls amount of overdrive • LO CUT – 2 position switch that can alternate between a fat full range tone and a clear, transparent sound featuring mids and highs. • Foot Switch toggle effects on/bypass (blue LED ‘on’ indicator)

Note that this pedal requires the use of a 9V DC power supply (not included).